The cohesive style that some photographers use has an appeal to me. It makes all of their photos seem as if they are part of a catalogue. When I come across a photographer that has defined their style in such a way that I can recognize their work I tend to admire their images as a total rather than individually. In some ways this works for them because it allows them to break the rules and therefore by my definition makes them artists.
I have not been able to successfully define my own style and I don’t think I will be doing that soon. I did notice though when I use the same aspect ratio on a group of images it does unify a group to a degree. I have yet to stick to one editing style and use it consistently which I have noticed is an easy method to make all work look as part of a whole. For the longest time I made the mistake of taking too many vertical shots. I have to remind myself regularly now that I should not tilt the camera. It must have been something I picked up along the way and I regret over using the vertical composition. These three images have been cropped to the 5 x 3 ratio. I like the size of this ratio, it’s a bit wider and lengthened. Not a cinematic proportion but slightly closer. I may have to do some research about the ratios and the effects they produce on the composition and when it’s appropriate to use each one.


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