the verticals

the verticals

It feels like a shame to tear down some of the images from my Flickr photo stream merely because they are vertical. There is a strange attachment to even the worst images I have posted, which makes me feel like I am abandoning my favorite stuffed toy because it doesn’t match my new wallpaper. I wanted to make one long strip of all my verticals and post it as one huge file. This felt like I was putting too much effort into something that had no life left in it. Not wanting to completely let go but knowing that it is time to clean house and stop hoarding, I will most likely let go and throw most of them out. After realizing how much I have grown and evolved I am refreshed and looking forward to embarking on new territory. It is nice to go back and look at the old work to see where I was so I will throw some more old tired images up this week and then on to the future. I plan on never turning my camera to take a vertical shot again. For now.


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